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Keep Your Digital Transactions- Smart, Secure, & Simple!

Qpay- Indian based digital payment technology company offering digital payment solutions through UPI, AEPS, BBPS, and 123PAY technologies.

Accept and automate your business’s financial transactions on a seamless digital payment platform.

Regional Language Support

Reaching out to you across the globe in your language is our priority

Channelized Operation

From villages right up to capital cities, we offer easy accessibility and personalized services.

Premium Voucher

Our users can avail meaningful and real-time cash voucher benefits by using QPay.

Real People. Real Relationships.

We aim is to exceed expectations at every step and touch point and provide a one -stop Digital payment service and solution that seeks to create a wholesome ‘experience’ rather than shackling users or burdening  them with unrelated offers, complex technology or poor customer  support

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Our Story

Our deliberate observation has proved to us how needful at this time is to have a wholesome, secure, and simple digital payment solution that prioritizes experience rather than complexity. Qpay envisions to enable a smooth-running online payment solution for businesses by offering various features like cash deposits and withdrawals, custom business devices, savings plans, profit-sharing deals and more.

Why Choose Us?

Qpay is more than just a digital payment solution provider.

We help businesses grow with our unique payment solutions that focus to empower users by breaking access barriers, and complexity, and by resolving challenges.

Our Vision

Qpay envisions offering a one-stop digital payment solution/service and creating an edified digital payment experience rather than imposing complex technology, irrelevant offers and poor customer support

Our Mission

Our mission is to stay adroit and disrupt the existing digital payment setup and mindset with our combined strength of technology, business strategy, finance knowledge, and customer service excellence.

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Qpay is India’s first digital payment technology company offering solutions through UPI, AEPS, BBPS, and 123PAY technologies.